You love your bike. It’s one of your prized possessions. Come the weekend, or a lovely summer afternoon after work, you don your helmet, perhaps grab a like-minded friend or two with their own bikes, and you just ride and ride and ride.

Yet, if you’re moving far from one place to another, as much as you’d love to ride your motorcycle to your new home, it’s often not possible. Shipping the bike, therefore, becomes pretty much mandatory.

Here’s how to make sure it’s shipped safely, affordably, and arrives where you want it to when you want it to. Take a look below.

If you find any type of damage, note it immediately and, when you make a damage claim with the transport company, it’s smart to include the before and after photos/video of your motorcycle with your claim.

Ship A Car, Inc. has shipped more than 35,000 vehicles of all types – including many motorcycles – since our start in 2012. We’ve earned an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureauas well as a “5-star” rating from our former customers.

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