You’re picking up stakes and moving. Far away, as in across the country or from one region to another. Hundreds of miles away. You’re packing up the house/apartment and hiring a moving company to ship your household goods from the old place to the new.

As for your car(s)? “Golly,” you say to yourself (if anyone even says “golly” anymore), “this would be a great time to see the country. The spouse and the kids and I could tumble into the ol’ SUV and the see the great USA. What wonderful memories we’d make! And the kids could first-hand about the country!”


Let’s take a close look at driving the car yourself vs. shipping it.

Driving it yourself.

Shipping the car.

So, what’s the answer? It depends on YOUR needs/desires/budget.

Distance also factors in to the decision to ship or drive: if moving just a few hundred miles away, it probably is best to drive yourself. A cross-country move, however, has different considerations:

The cost to ship a four-door, mid-sized sedan across country costs between $1,400 and $1,800. The American Automobile Association (AAA) estimates that it costs about 51.06 cents/mile to operate a car (includes gas, maintenance, wear and tear, insurance, etc.) so a cross-country drive (from,  for example, Philadelphia to San Diego (2,695 miles) would cost about $1,376.

That amount doesn’t take into consideration, food on the road, hotel costs, tickets to attractions, etc.

It also doesn’t factor in how absolutely tediousand tiring driving a car for hundreds of miles a day can be.

Shipping the car also may mean the cost of airline tickets to get to your new destination and a rental car upon arrival.

Naturally, our answer is ship the car! Once the car has left your old home, you have one less thing to worry about. We’ve provided door-to-door car transport nationwide for more than 35,000 vehicles (and growing) and we have an ‘A’ rating from the BBB, with an average 4.9-star rating from our customers.

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